Below are the wiring diagrams for 3Dtek specificGRBL + Gecko G540 Combo.

These may or may not be useful for other Gecko use cases.   Please contact 3DTek for any assistance wiring up or configuring these devices.

G540 Motor Breakout Board Method – Stepper Motor Connections


G540 Motor Breakout Board Method – Limit Switch 


G540 Motor Power & VFD Connections

Gecko Fan Cooler – Operates from 12-48V as per below

Gecko, Cooler and controller Mounting

  • The Gecko G540 and Cooler are mounted and separated using standoffs.
  • The Cooler plate sits below the G540 on its shorter standoffs, with the fan’s sticker side facing the bottom of the G540
  • The Control Card is pressed onto the top of the G540 and holds its self in place firmly.