800W Air Cooled Spindle & Invertek VFD Combo

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Kit Contents:

  • 65mm 800W Air Cooled VFD Spindle (ER11 collet standard: 1-7mm shank).
  • 1/4in or 6mm collet & Collet Nut.
  • 5m Variflex VFD Spindle Cable
  • Spindle Plug
  • 1.5KW Invertek VFD Drive Unit
  • Short Length of Din Rail for mounting spindle
  • Short Length of shielded cable for control connection to your CNC Controller
  • 2 x Spindle Clamp to suit XYZ Carve or other custom application.
  • Telephone Support in the installation, programming and function of your VFD spindle system.

We tested many, many, spindles suppliers to identify a spindle product that is consistently good quality. It took a long time and a lot of wasted money. However, we have a good source of spindles that we can confidently sell and warrant.

All 3DTek supplied VFD’s are Australian delivered and approved Invertek drive models. Yes, they are more expensive than the Chinese eBay specials, for good reason – see the bottom of this page for more info.


  • Other than the 800W version, these are too heavy to mount on lightweight machines such as Shapeoko’s or X Carves.
  • The 1.5KW VFD requires a 15A power point.  Most often a 15A power point can replace a standard 10A household power point.  Consult your electrician if unsure.
  • You should use the VFD specific 3 phase cable for power to the spindle, we supply it with every spindle!
  • This spindle is 3 phase however with the addition of the VFD, they will run on single phase power.
  • You cannot wire these up yourselves! You must have an electricians support. 3Dtek will assist with the installation and commissioning if your electrician or other appropriately qualified/skilled installers would like to contact us.


Quality Australian approved and Delivered VFD’s VS Chinese Grey Imported – Illegally sold and operated equipment.

3Dtek will only sell and support Australian approved power supplies and VFD drives for reasons around safety, legality, and performance.

Locally approved products have benefits including:

  • English manuals.
  • Local tech support,
  • Warranty
  • Usability
  • Safety

All  3Dtek supplied Invertek drives come with support, 2-year warranty, and most importantly for you and 3DTek alike,  they are actually legal to sell, purchase, and use in Australia.

Ebay or other Grey imported VFD equipment will undoubtedly include no warranty, support or concern for you or your staff/family safety.  They are often prone to be dead on arrival, or early failure.  In most cases are incredibly noisy (electronically / EMF) which causes headaches with interference with your CNC controller, limit switches, USB and other data lines, as well as other equipment in the general area etc.  These issues can often take hours if not days for an experienced person to diagnose and are not always fixable.   3DTek have assisted in overcoming literally hundreds of such cases over the last 7 years however can no longer offer such support.

3Dtek believe there is simply no economy to purchasing such items on the cheap from eBay, and have requested eBay to remove these items due to the safety and compliance concerns – no reply.   3Dtek do not support the use of such grey imported unapproved electrical equipment as sourced from eBay and can not assist in troubleshooting the random machine malfunction due to electrical noise which is more than likely to plague any machine fitted with these devices or in the vicinity of these devices.

Save a few dollars on something/anything else during your build. This is one of the items that should not be compromised.


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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm